Custom-built Steel Windows

Featuring narrow sightlines, our steel windows boast beautiful broad views and are designed to let light in. An excellent choice for traditional villas or contemporary homes seeking design with energy efficiency.

Our external steel windows and doors are equally suited to both classical and modern architectural styles. The strength of steel joinery helps to separate your spaces while using the smallest frame size that allows for large glazed panels. This means you can create the feel of a separated space whilst maintaining a visual connection.

Our minimal designs with thinner glass and steel frames are perfect for modern residential applications.

Thicker hollow frames (over the slim hot rolled steel) allow for other hardware installs such as wiring and door locks. These more robust frames are suitable for both commercial and residential uses. Or use as a feature piece to complete your space.

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High-performance steel profiles
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We’ve worked with some of New Zealand’s finest architects and designers to create architecturally appealing doors and windows for boutique villas, commercial and institutional buildings.
Performance and
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All our steel profiles are created with versatility, design and efficiency in mind.
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Delivering high-quality and affordable steel projects for architects, designers and homeowners.
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